Illustration JUNGYO°by Saya Suzuki | STEAMCREAM -Made in Japan

I Thought….

The packaging…needless to say the illustration is pretty cute; my favourite is the sweating pig wearing a mawashi with his butt cheeks showing heehee
The consistency…I thought it would be thicker since it was packaged in a tin so I opened it a little tilted and yikes…it’s actually more like a lotion -the texture reminds me of a slightly thicker Crème anglaise
The cream…is light yet very moisturizing and non-greasy
The fragrance…is gentle, mainly a lavender scent with hints of orange and chamomile

Immediately, my skin…

Looked…hydrated with a slight glow
Felt…smooth and soft
Scent…like I just went to a spa

10mins after…

Looked…still hydrated but without the slight glow
Felt…still nice, smooth and soft
Scent…was very faint

SteamCream is…
Available…in Japan, the UK and online or
Made…by hand using a stem-infused process
A...natural skincare product
Can be used for…the face, hands & body, and hair
Comes in…an aluminum twist top tin
Packaging…is wrapped with beautiful illustrations and designs

Please note that all opinions/comments in this post are personal opinions of the Tora Kuma Journal team. This item was neither a product or paid endorsement.


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